04.09.19: LDSGBT

This week, JCP discusses the LDS Church's recent announcement concerning LGBTQ families and baptism. We also discuss #OgdenRestaurantWeek and John finally getting an iPhone (j/k He wants to buy solar panels).

Listen to it here:


If you're interested in learning more about #OgdenRestaurantWeek, check out their website by clicking below:


It goes from Thursday, April 4th, until Saturday, April 13th. Enjoy!

The Corner Ogden IG Handle

As promised below is the IG handle for The Corner Ogden, which is a small kiosk selling snacks and giving information or tickets to visitors at 25th and Washington Boulevard


Check them out to stay up to date on all kinds of cool stuff happening in the Junction City.


The LDS Church recently reversed their policy from November 2015, not allowing children of same-sex couples to be baptized or blessed until the age of 18. Once of age, they still had to denounce their parents' relationship.

Below is a link to the original declaration in November 2015:


And, here is the link to the newly-announced policy from last week:


Finally, a bit of analysis from the Salt Lake Tribune:


Shout Out to Gov. Herbert!

We have to give credit where credit is due and give a shout out to Gov. Herbert for vetoing a line item in the state budget for a sound barrier along a stretch of road that is yet to have home built by Garbett Homes. We're pretty sure this will happen eventually, but we like that the Governor was willing to use the veto pen to show lobbyists that can't be this sloppy.

Below is the article from the Salt Lake Tribune with more info: