Cheech and Wrong Again

Special guest Meg Sanders stirred it up across the Wasatch Front this week when she learned that Kayla Daloff, the former University of Utah detective that failed slain student-athlete Lauren McCluskey, had recently been hired by the Weber County Sheriff's Office as a deputy. We invited Meg to share what she learned and what other interesting hires Sheriff Ryan Arbon has made of late.

Plus, the state legislature got it wrong again on medical cannabis with their plan for a central-fill pharmacy for patients with county health departments to act as dispensaries. And, a little Pinkies Up, Thumbs Down.

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No Central-Fill for U...tah

Both Salt Lake and Davis County District Attorneys told the state that they weren't comfortable with county employees dispensing medical cannabis this week, put a wrench in the state legislature's plans for their replacement of the voter-approved Proposition 2.

Read more in the Ben Winslow article below:



Support medical cannabis advocacy organizations in Utah like TRUCE and the Utah Patient's Coalition by donating, volunteering, and getting involved.

The U's Rejects: Weber County Sheriff Hires Detective that Failed Slain Student-Athlete Lauren McClusky

Special guest Meg Sanders stirred it up in Utah media this week when she learned that Weber County Sheriff Ryan Arbon had hired Kayla Daloff, the very detective that had failed to help slain University of Utah student-athlete Lauren McCluskey. After calling the Sheriff's Office to confirm, Meg learned that they had indeed hired Daloff back in May.

Learn more about the situation from the Standard-Examiner's Jacob Scholl below:


The Salt Lake Tribune's Courtney Tanner also weighed in with this piece:



Call the Sheriff or county commissioners. Tell them that this is unacceptable.

Public outcry will make the difference.

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