• John

It's undeniable; the Utah GOP undid the will of the people

I’ll admit it—when they modified prop 2 at the end of last year, I conceded a little to the lawmakers’ point. They were elected to change laws, so making some modifications to medical marijuana laws made at least a little sense to me.

But then it happened again. They modified Medicaid expansion, and it wasn’t just a little bit. They simply undid the will of the people, and reverted back to the law they passed last year. When it happened the second time it was even more egregious because the district-by-district voting totals on prop 3 had been released and it was clear to everyone that it won in a plurality of voting districts in the state.

This was after the state legislators had passed their law. The state proposed one thing, and the people immediately put it on the ballot and voted for something else. Then as soon as the legislators had a chance, they undid what the people voted for.

Our state legislators deliberately undid the will of the people. There’s no arguing around it this time.

District 11 Representative Kelly Miles accidentally held a townhall last week. He only meant to invite his republican supporters, but after once-and-future candidate Jason Allen started inviting the community, Representative Miles invited them as well.

Maybe Representative Miles wanted to avoid being asked why he supported undoing the will of the people when prop 3 was supported by a majority of District 11 voters. He probably wanted to avoid the uncomfortable answer he had to give about upholding his platform.

Utah Republicans have demonstrated that they are more beholden to their platform than they are to the will of the people. But we can’t give up. We just have to make the will of the people even louder.