• John

It's More Than Just a Gondola

I had every intention of going into this week’s episode in favor of the Gondola. I live pretty close to Cold Water Canyon, and I was looking forward to earning some equity in my home and having easy access to the top of the mountain.

But as I was doing my usual day-of preparation, I finally looked at the Nordic Valley expansion plan.

When you hear, “I want to build a gondola to Nordic,” it creates a certain mental image, but this proposal would be better described as “I want to turn this whole mountain into a ski resort.”

Look at the map of proposed expansion. There is a lift at the top of the divide. There are ski runs and ski lifts all over the western face of that mountain. All of the trails are now ski runs or access roads. This isn’t a plan to bring people to Nordic Valley, it’s a plan to expand Nordic Valley over the mountain and into North Ogden.

I can certainly understand why the idea of a gondola sounds appealing to some, but please do us all a favor and educate yourself on the expansion plan at https://nordicvalleyproject.com/ before you decide where you land.

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