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Ogden City Council Meeting | October 22, 2019

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

7:54 First item on the list is the Recognition of Native American Heritage Month in

November 2019 was read by Council member White by honoring their legacy and rich history.

Motion was made by council members White and Lopez to approve joint proclamation, PASSES.

12:16 Expressed appreciation for Weber State University on their 14th Annual Native

American Symposium. Some members of the Weber State American Indian Council expressed

their gratitude for the Ogden City Council recognition.

15:00 After the 14th annual Native American Symposium on the 4th there will be a native

language workshop geared towards Navajo. There are roughly 183 Native American students at

Weber State.

20:26 Reports from planning commission: There is a consideration of a rezone for 1752 and

1754 pacific avenue which was brought up via petition. The rezoning considers moving from M-

1 (Limited Manufacturing) to R-1-5 (Single-family Residential).

22:28 Proposal: It would demolish existing home parcel and rebuild a new SFD on the

Property and integrate with surrounding SFD development. Request is to make a change and

rezone to build new single home family lots of 5,000 square foot lots, 50-foot frontage with a

possibility of 5 lots.

24:12 The zoning would follow property lines and single-family dwellings surround property

North, South and East. Its consistent with the community plan and the Gibson Community is

supporting the rezoning. For approval it needs a 6-0 vote. Motion entertained by White and

Blair to adopt ordinance, PASSES.

28:14 Cannabis has had modifications to Medical Cannabis Act. The state spoke about

Cannabis Production Establishment and Medical Cannabis Pharmacy. The Cities responsibilities

is to define manufacturing zones that allow production. There also needs to be regulations to

permit Medical Marijuana in all commercial and manufacturing zones with the exclusion of the

residential and community location buffer areas.

32:04 Some of the production establishments included the size limits of 100,000 square feet

indoors and 4 acres outdoors. There is to be 5-8 but no more than 25 permits issued state wide

for Cultivation facility. The state can give 20% leeway of distance restrictions.

33:05 2 zones that are not to be considered for commercial and manufacturing zones are

Primary residential and Community locations. Its limited to the west side of Ogden in New gate

area and 2 th in Wall Street for pharmacy options.

43:54 Proposal is recommending a 7-0 approval as proposed by staff. Motion my Blair and

White to adopt ordinance, PASSES. Public comments added some concern in the zoning being a

minorities area and would like some consideration in white prominent zones.

53:05 Judge Court Recertification; Judge Clay Stucki wanted to talk about what they want to

accomplish at the Justice court. Stucki truly believes in bettering defendants, so they don’t

return to the court house, Stucki adds they have procedural fairness.

1:01:39 He wants people to be heard have problems solved so they are not repeated in the

future. Stucki invites council members to sit in a court meeting to get a feel of what the Justice

Court is doing for the citizens and how they remain fair within their power.

1:12:29 Stucki asks to schedule a work meeting with the council to address concerns about the

court. Council member Lopez agreed with Stucki and wanted to take him up on work sessions

to talk about justice courts.

1:19:44 Weber Housing authority wants to adopt a resolution for lots that are partnered with

Weber State University that were purchased by entering into a loan agreement in 2015

authorizing the major. The intent is to develop new housing that affordable to low- and

moderate-income households.

1:34:19 Motion made by Stephens and Lopez, but White said no because she felt its being

pushed to get houses built and her concern is that they don’t get built. White felt the same for

entering a Memorandum agreement with Weber housing authority for partnership with Weber

State University for development of housing in Quincy ave. Motion made by Hyer and Blair and

denied by White for the same reasons of lack of information and the questions she still has

about pushing the houses to get built.

Closing comments by council members.

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