Taxes and Chemicals and Nina... OH MY!

Fresh from the Tax Reform Town Hall in Layton, we come to you from the one and only Laser Zone! Dan and Colby give their takes on the town hall, we discuss the recent discovery of hazardous waste on the banks of the Weber river, and chat with Nina Morse, a PR pro and friend of the show running for city council in West Haven. Plus, Pinkies Up, Thumbs Down and Upcoming Events.

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Weber/Davis Tax Reform Town Hall Reactions

It was our turn to weigh in on tax reform on Monday in Layton as the Tax Reform Task Force gathered to hear concerns. We heard a lot about taxes on services, food, and gasoline. We didn't hear a lot about taxing e-commerce and other online transactions.

Watch a replay of the live stream here:



Submit your thoughts on tax reform by going to the Stronger Futures website and entering them in the Comment Form.

Ah! The Smell of Chemicals Along the Weber River

A bombshell story from former Standard-Examiner reporter Leia Larsen broke on Monday, laying out the hazardous situation at the old Swift building on the eastern bank of the Weber River. Unbeknownst to the public, the EPA has been cleaning the site up (using Superfund monies) for the last three months.

Below is more info on what the Superfund is and how it helps:


The Smith family of Smith & Edwards fame owned the building until recently, when Ogden City purchased it as part of their efforts to renew the area near the old Stock Exchange in west Ogden.

Check out the article about the serious situation down there below:



Ask the Ogden mayoral candidates what their take is on this situation at next Thursday's Mayoral Debates hosted by the Walker Institute on campus at Weber State.

What's Up in West Haven w/ Nina Morse for City Council

We focus on the western part of the county this week with special guest and candidate for West Haven City Council, Nina Morse. Nina is a PR pro, current Communications Director for the Weber County Democrats, and has been very active in the massive growth of West Haven over the past few years.


Check out her campaign to volunteer and donate at the link below:


Upcoming Events

Thursday, July 11th

Meet Angel Castillo for Ogden City Mayor

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, Grounds for Coffee Harrison (3005 Harrison Bld., Ogden, UT 84403)

Saturday, July 13th

Ogden Pride Poetry Contest, Round 2

2 PM - 3 PM, Booked on 25th (147 25th Street, Ogden, UT 84401)

Sunday, July 14th

Drinking Liberally w/ JCP

6:30 PM - 8 PM, Brewvies Ogden (2293 Grant Avenue, Ogden UT 84401)

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